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God In A Bottle

by Frank Kwiatkowski


God In A Bottle is published as a collaboration between The Kwiatkowski Press and is PRESS.
2017 (3rd printing) Denver, Colorado

God In A Bottle is a 20 page, 5.5 x 8.5" zine in its second printing featuring reproductions of prints made from engraved traffic cones by Denver's Frank Kwiatkowski "the father of the conecut." God In A Bottle is an aesthetic and poetic examination of insulin and living with diabetes.

The cover is printed in gold ink off of Frank's engraved traffic cones on different colored cover stocks with a Vandercook Letterpress. The interior pages are scans of Frank's prints with commentary and quotes digitally printed on 80lb. coated white text-weight stock.

UPDATE: We've ALMOST sold out of all but the Dark Green covers