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Decaying Future

by Emit


Decaying Future
Designed and published by Emit / DF Crew,
2015, Denver, Colorado.

Decaying Future is a rare anthology of the New York to Denver DF Crew of graffiti writers featuring the work of East, Emit, Cycle, Jive, Vogey, Ouija, Jick, Nace, Gaze, Ewok... and more. Unlike a lot of graffiti books Decaying Future has a solid concept of exploring, "Abandoned and decaying buildings across the nation... [as a] narration of the death of the American Way."

Decaying Future (ISBN 978-1-63192-901-4) is beautifully designed by Emit as a 9"x7", landscape book with stunning well composed photography. 174 pages, signed, hardbound.